Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is there really away to get rid of the problem ?

If only there was . I hope you are familiar with Churchill's words on the subject of democracy . Only then can you be effective in keeping some balance . Point is -its not about removal or revolution but reform - inspired reform .
Its about the devil you know and living with it rather that the DYDK

This is a true "politicians problem" , but lets not have politicians logic
(from A Jay )That is "We need a solution. This is a solution . so let's take it"

No you don't get rid of the problem that easily.

First of all the above solution is part of the really big problem .
Secondly, power abuse is such a common and dissipating and debilitating force that it IS probably any public institutions biggest problem. It even stops people from doing the jobs they are paid ,trained and were once effective in doing!!!!! ( SEE POSTING on The survey of old staff ON yES MINISTER)
What about the traditional methods ? PUSH ,STARVE OR SIDEWAYS ? maybe

Hopefully a posting here soon. Don't give up waiting. If you have suffered at the hands of power abuse, let me remind you that ----yes its real , pathetic and totally unfair, but it happens and those of us who fall foul of it need to find new ways to be effective DESPITE the incredibly dissipating reality that it is .
And of course ---Well done to you ! you have probably joined the club of those esteemed persons who don't give up, even when your legs and hands have been cut off !Hopefully you still have a brain ! Use it here!


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