Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Whatever happened to the public service ?

It was privatised and demoralized ?Tell us your story
You get burned - its YOUR problem .
The FACT that we overload you with OUR worries is NOT  our problem 

A reminder that it's your responsibility to keep up with emergency warnings, know your sources. See them

the fact is that over 150 people died needlessly in bush fires in central Vic around Marysville several years ago.

The fact that noone told them they were taking impossible risks was and is still not a problem admitted to by the Victorian Parliament.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

You can't beat city hall

If you have never personally wanted to give up on anything in your life try fighting the unreasonableness of those well intentioned but poorly focused dependants in the public service .
 You might be close to the issue and right about what you believe but your facing brute power and belligerance . All very nice and smooth on the surface

Greg Hunt who hopes to be our next Environment minister claims he's going to do something about reducing red tape .  He hasn't got a hope the way he's going at the moment just as Napthine hasn't with Ryan Smith meddling around the edges . Its snowing and there is too little knowing !
Greg hunt  has got no idea HOW to move such a big ship and the  4 headed monsters tha drive it . How do I know ? I try to tease out of him what he knows and he is too cosy with those who with all the best intentions in the world fill our planning schemes and legislative structures up with clauses of constriction precaution and restriction .Consultant upon consultant and clause after clause .

Handouts are EASY.  Planning is too hard and not even on most Libs agendas --We hope that he stops  ignoring the long and contorted arm of the law ( planning scheme law) which is killing the country .Has he ever tried to digest its ever flowing dreams?  
Why do the grand bureaus of the local state and fed system  all agree to keep doing this paper stuff - because they have jobs with titles to do same .
They do not know the environment - they just know that people are concerned about it .
The only way for Greg Hunt and Abbott to be credible on this high flying flight of fancy is to ditch the bitching and get people who can live with the environment --  its resilience and not fear it . They are called scientists.
Have you ever looked reasonableness ( and supposed public support ) in the eye and seen ignorance arrogance belligerence and self justification and legalized nonsense  - that what our planning rules are like in relation to the environment

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leaks from the top

We all know Sir Humphrey- he's back in town .But do we really know him ?
Do the young buck advisors know him or just think they know him ?  One of his riskiest strategies was leaking stuff . He would have his reason -  he knew what he was doing, or at least he would have colleagues in the lounge who would understand why he did what he did. Not so the advisor this week who let the personal grow into a predictable fire . .
Like it or lump it Sir Humphrey was smart enough to know that his personal emotions must never show and infact must generally be sat on - waiting for next time . ( Partnership episode)
The leak this week in Australia by The PM's staff seems to demonstrate a new morality new age element . Politicians on the left  may not talk about it much, but many know its hanging around inside the top office; A lack of self control and a little too much self righteousness ;The end justifies the means , If the leader/ cause  is a bad one ,  what stops you setting up retaliation ( .The question of motivation could well be asked of Tony Hodges ?
Sir H liked to think he knew what he was doing  BUT he usually checked with the oldies . Money on the fact that the leak giver  checked with no one. Julia's forthright advisers are valued for their gamesmanship ; the cost maybe that , like sheep in wolves territory , they don't always really know what they are doing and they don't fear the wolf ( the real spirit of democracy including respect for the rules of respect for people ? )
Its one thing to allow a meeting to be stacked , but another to give advice to allow a group to do it: a group whom any sensible person could see could cause a loss of  control in what must be a peaceful demonstration.; What emotion clouded his judgement ? Does any emotion cloud SirH judgement? Checks and balances?  Was anger the excuse and the fire that wasn't quenched by reason and reasonability ?

Some wider lateral questions here

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green clones to plough the fields and scatter

Carbon farming legislation 
As if to demonstrate the danger of ignoring the implementation question over the ideas , both parties have been tripping over themselves today to announce a revamped soil sequestration  incentive ( Greg Combey at 12pm today and Greg Hunt on ABC lateline 23rd ) Taking one to know one they know the idea but not yet how to implement it - seriously dangerous . 
-.we don't need more . Tax fuel abusers (eg 4WD) and give sequesters a decent excise
- As if farmers don't already have enough single focused greenclones talkin to them bout things they don't understand
-The earth is able to sustain itself .A coalition of low integrity and accountability wants us to take them seriuosly No
-Only trade unions would think they would be able to tell farmers when they need to be paid and how much
-Always inventing new stuff and talking to solutions in name only shocking  

Monday, February 28, 2011

Real hoods but dressed like Robin

Neil Mitchell is aghast that our water bills are doubled and is rightly concerned about how such pathetic projects like the desal plant get up .
Well,  he,  like the rest of Victoria need to be very clear about how this stupidity got past the gatekeepers; Holdings gate keepers hadn't any keys  . The young and inexperienced public servants who advise the dummies in charge think they are doing a great job - they think they have landed a job with Robin Hood when the modus operandi is the castle .
Instead of being vulnerable,  these white knights are invisible and have consultants calling on them to help them spend the windfall of riches they have acquired.  Lets' be clear ,  they all think  " we "pay too little for some commodities and have fallen for the motivation logic that ' we will only appreciate something if we pay more for it"  . ( true whether these high priests  live in Canberra Melbourne or Sydney ) 

Voters must recognise that Queen Julia's and Prince  Brumbys men have been dressing up like Robin Hood for decades . They get away with more taxes because they are "robbing the bad to pay the good " - We are expected to accept that they are ones who are "doing us good" . But the main outcome  they are going to get  bigger castles http:// and tell us how to live (http://
Voters : tell them give us our freedom and stop pretending they  have a mandate to spend our money  how they like.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dreamy Young bucks

On the hustings yesterday I made the point to many across the political spectrum that the fine ambitions of many to do something for the environment ( most of us ) MUST adopt and now still find a competency base for these fine ambitions.
I was well qualified to prove the point locally and made those points about what's happened around Apollo bay and the Otway's and beyond over the last 15 years .
The point is , while Julia's advisors may be well intentioned , they do not know what they are talking about it . They are good at focusing on the image ( a fiction and moving feast) and  crap on content .As a Woolworths chairman said , we are not short of ideas , just people to implement them .
If I am right , then the young bucks cannot be included in a cutting edge conservation push  because they break without confession , the golden rule of conservation  "short term gain,  long term pain"  .

All governments are only as good as the advice they get , and Labors' one term failure is largely down to that problem.  The greens  too can talk,  but the wind still moves the light things on.  You heard it first on blogger aug Sunday 22nd , 2010.   Copyright Emperors Academy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why do they have to keep changing things ?

Cause the leaders keep changing direction too. Therefore its not entirely the fault of BB . You have to have leadership that is not to clever ( doesn't have its identity tied up in invention rather than completion ) and respects cleverness in the club . 
But more importantly, because somePS 's are clever and indutriuos , they have time too  to be petty.You can't cut the numbers ( unless you are a miracle worker) but you can give them something worthwhile to do. 

While we have polys that run around like skun cats thinking of ideas , we have PS who meddle with minor things casue they have been given a low horizon agenda - by default.  What do you think ?

The new millenuem will reveal the paradox of good governance - that its dependant on the quality of both the PS and the Polys . While we cultivate a low view of them both we will get what we believe them to be .