Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why do they have to keep changing things ?

Cause the leaders keep changing direction too. Therefore its not entirely the fault of BB . You have to have leadership that is not to clever ( doesn't have its identity tied up in invention rather than completion ) and respects cleverness in the club . 
But more importantly, because somePS 's are clever and indutriuos , they have time too  to be petty.You can't cut the numbers ( unless you are a miracle worker) but you can give them something worthwhile to do. 

While we have polys that run around like skun cats thinking of ideas , we have PS who meddle with minor things casue they have been given a low horizon agenda - by default.  What do you think ?

The new millenuem will reveal the paradox of good governance - that its dependant on the quality of both the PS and the Polys . While we cultivate a low view of them both we will get what we believe them to be .


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