Friday, March 12, 2010

One way to keep them from multiplying

Well there must be many ways open to God , but one of the few open to mortals is to target waste in Duckshoving .(DS)

Apparently this great aussie word was coined to refer to duck like behavior as early as 1870 .The ducks appear to be inline and going the same way . But there are early indications of ladder climbing efforts - the cue is getting a little ragged at the back ?,
 Look at their eyes, especially at the back. Looks can be decieving . "Yes Minister" and all that  . What you really need to know is what they are thinking and what else they can see.  Which one are you most like ?

The only way to avoid DS is to make sure people at the bottom make decisions  and remind your troops you are not ducks or old dogs ( that you can't learn new new ways)
This "I'm just a stupid animal excuse" is dumb ducks from the pseudoinnocence songbook.

Dealing with duckshoving : Sounds so simple , you would think it was obviuos , wouldn't you .
Solution 1  --No more strategy documents and other deviations .
Scene 1  The Castle Cabinet room ;(requests for help to make decisions are becoming a problem )
"What do they think we are up here to do " - " we are not the experts" . Sir Humphrey's view is probably slightly different
"Its their job to fight the war
Our job to defend the castle

The help messages folder is getting overloaded .
The castle has become full of people filing and answering correspondence ."
No more decisions are made ,       but we all very ........very busy
Copyright EA march 2010


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