Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding a better power to weight ratio

The most frightening thing to watch ( means lots of waste, duckshoving and indecision ) IS when an authority is stressed by its responsibilities is to watch them grow.- carelessly
Even with field focused HODS ( heads of department) the risk is their departmnets will fill up with people who pass the buck and the PC
The culling of such hidden obfuscation elements is really difficult because ther are genuinely good reasons for the people - if not always the process and the talking points .

All institations in crisis should probably be asked not" how many" but how few do you need "- then at least the emperor wpould have some idea of who is hiding where -. I would be really tough on ministerial advisers , and if no heads are appearing near the top - expect PC and cartharsis ( including ministry loss) as the only solutions . say no more !

Have some sympathy for stressed departmens, but don't assume they need more power . Maybe they are holding onto power too closely
see the dilemma of Vic government over the incident control systems for bushfires .


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