Saturday, June 13, 2009

When blaming a bureaucrat maybe just too easy

Russell Rees,Waller or some other persons with some authority, could well be the fall guys from the Royal Commission into the Victorian 2009 Bushfires, leaving some other members who should be focused on for their poor decision making in the clear. More importantly the main objective of why better decisions weren't made won't be the focus .
The really big problem is that our leaders are into quickfix - growing the response services BUT not the proper planning services.  
The point is the fires were an uncontrollable risk and you will find fault everywhere - the point of the RC should be on poor procedure, not the blame game - poor process ofetn pushes responsibility up higher ( and lower) than is often the focus. That's a lot of people - how many should the inquiry be interviewing to get the picture?

If there is no proper process review ( and changes) there is point in allowing the blame game to risk getting out of control. Will the enquiry find out how processes can be improved when the obfiscation risks are hardly known.
If I didn't think we risk great injustice here, this blog would not exist .
For a more detailed review of this current controversy click Here


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