Tuesday, July 02, 2013

You can't beat city hall

If you have never personally wanted to give up on anything in your life try fighting the unreasonableness of those well intentioned but poorly focused dependants in the public service .
 You might be close to the issue and right about what you believe but your facing brute power and belligerance . All very nice and smooth on the surface

Greg Hunt who hopes to be our next Environment minister claims he's going to do something about reducing red tape .  He hasn't got a hope the way he's going at the moment just as Napthine hasn't with Ryan Smith meddling around the edges . Its snowing and there is too little knowing !
Greg hunt  has got no idea HOW to move such a big ship and the  4 headed monsters tha drive it . How do I know ? I try to tease out of him what he knows and he is too cosy with those who with all the best intentions in the world fill our planning schemes and legislative structures up with clauses of constriction precaution and restriction .Consultant upon consultant and clause after clause .

Handouts are EASY.  Planning is too hard and not even on most Libs agendas --We hope that he stops  ignoring the long and contorted arm of the law ( planning scheme law) which is killing the country .Has he ever tried to digest its ever flowing dreams?  
Why do the grand bureaus of the local state and fed system  all agree to keep doing this paper stuff - because they have jobs with titles to do same .
They do not know the environment - they just know that people are concerned about it .
The only way for Greg Hunt and Abbott to be credible on this high flying flight of fancy is to ditch the bitching and get people who can live with the environment --  its resilience and not fear it . They are called scientists.
Have you ever looked reasonableness ( and supposed public support ) in the eye and seen ignorance arrogance belligerence and self justification and legalized nonsense  - that what our planning rules are like in relation to the environment

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