Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green clones to plough the fields and scatter

Carbon farming legislation 
As if to demonstrate the danger of ignoring the implementation question over the ideas , both parties have been tripping over themselves today to announce a revamped soil sequestration  incentive ( Greg Combey at 12pm today and Greg Hunt on ABC lateline 23rd ) Taking one to know one they know the idea but not yet how to implement it - seriously dangerous . 
-.we don't need more . Tax fuel abusers (eg 4WD) and give sequesters a decent excise
- As if farmers don't already have enough single focused greenclones talkin to them bout things they don't understand
-The earth is able to sustain itself .A coalition of low integrity and accountability wants us to take them seriuosly No
-Only trade unions would think they would be able to tell farmers when they need to be paid and how much
-Always inventing new stuff and talking to solutions in name only shocking  


At 4:06 PM , Blogger Little John said...

The trouble with lies is they get a life of their own and the lie grows and gets lost in lost opportunities for our children to get good jobs that are in the long term worthwhile. DPI is spending hard earned taxes to provide incentives for farmers in soil sequestration that will never come through because the scientists they employ in DPI haven't got a clue- But giving hope to farmers is what polys do.


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