Monday, February 28, 2011

Real hoods but dressed like Robin

Neil Mitchell is aghast that our water bills are doubled and is rightly concerned about how such pathetic projects like the desal plant get up .
Well,  he,  like the rest of Victoria need to be very clear about how this stupidity got past the gatekeepers; Holdings gate keepers hadn't any keys  . The young and inexperienced public servants who advise the dummies in charge think they are doing a great job - they think they have landed a job with Robin Hood when the modus operandi is the castle .
Instead of being vulnerable,  these white knights are invisible and have consultants calling on them to help them spend the windfall of riches they have acquired.  Lets' be clear ,  they all think  " we "pay too little for some commodities and have fallen for the motivation logic that ' we will only appreciate something if we pay more for it"  . ( true whether these high priests  live in Canberra Melbourne or Sydney ) 

Voters must recognise that Queen Julia's and Prince  Brumbys men have been dressing up like Robin Hood for decades . They get away with more taxes because they are "robbing the bad to pay the good " - We are expected to accept that they are ones who are "doing us good" . But the main outcome  they are going to get  bigger castles http:// and tell us how to live (http://
Voters : tell them give us our freedom and stop pretending they  have a mandate to spend our money  how they like.


At 5:08 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

Wouldn't act too and high and mighty about the leaders in north Africa at the moment . We have our very own nameless "dictators " .


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