Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leaks from the top

We all know Sir Humphrey- he's back in town .But do we really know him ?
Do the young buck advisors know him or just think they know him ?  One of his riskiest strategies was leaking stuff . He would have his reason -  he knew what he was doing, or at least he would have colleagues in the lounge who would understand why he did what he did. Not so the advisor this week who let the personal grow into a predictable fire . .
Like it or lump it Sir Humphrey was smart enough to know that his personal emotions must never show and infact must generally be sat on - waiting for next time . ( Partnership episode)
The leak this week in Australia by The PM's staff seems to demonstrate a new morality new age element . Politicians on the left  may not talk about it much, but many know its hanging around inside the top office; A lack of self control and a little too much self righteousness ;The end justifies the means , If the leader/ cause  is a bad one ,  what stops you setting up retaliation ( .The question of motivation could well be asked of Tony Hodges ?
Sir H liked to think he knew what he was doing  BUT he usually checked with the oldies . Money on the fact that the leak giver  checked with no one. Julia's forthright advisers are valued for their gamesmanship ; the cost maybe that , like sheep in wolves territory , they don't always really know what they are doing and they don't fear the wolf ( the real spirit of democracy including respect for the rules of respect for people ? )
Its one thing to allow a meeting to be stacked , but another to give advice to allow a group to do it: a group whom any sensible person could see could cause a loss of  control in what must be a peaceful demonstration.; What emotion clouded his judgement ? Does any emotion cloud SirH judgement? Checks and balances?  Was anger the excuse and the fire that wasn't quenched by reason and reasonability ?

Some wider lateral questions here

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At 9:16 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

I can just hear even him say "I say nothing to nobody . Even when I do say something I usullay preface my words by saying that " I can see too many unforseen consequences".

At 4:06 PM , Blogger Little John said...

Its now dangerous for well intentioned people to enter politics in Australia. Noone can make sound tough and strategic decisions that work unless the system works - those who advise you and those who implement your ideas . A lack or respect for competence in government ( "why its all outside isn't it" )has led to a huge lack of competence in critical areas like the one I know - environmental risk management .The incompetents pass the difficult down till there is noone even at the bottom who knows how to do it .


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